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Zuckerberg is playing a different game with AI!

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Welcome, my fellow AI geeks.

Zuckerberg is playing a different game with AI, as it looks like!

It seems like Meta (formerly Facebook) CEO is trying to integrate AI into the daily lives of people as a fashion tool!

Lizardman for a reason I see, huh!

Today in the Incredible AI world:

  • Meta Unveils Multimodal AI Upgrade for Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

  • Even Google uses the tech of ChatGPT to find new knowledge

  • AI digital twinning tech set to transform oil exploration

  • How to use Grok (Elon Musks AI)

  • Tools of the Day

  • 100 Advanced ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing Mastery

Meta Unveils Multimodal AI Upgrade for Ray-Ban Smart Glasses:

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has announced a new multimodal AI upgrade for its Ray-Ban smart glasses, which were launched in September 2023.

The upgrade will enable users to interact with the glasses using voice, touch, and gesture commands, as well as access new features such as face recognition, object detection, and scene understanding.

The upgrade will also improve the battery life, camera quality, and audio performance of the glasses. Meta claims that the new AI capabilities will enhance the user experience and make the glasses more intuitive, immersive, and social.

The upgrade will be available for free to all existing and new Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses owners in early 2024.

Even Google uses the tech of ChatGPT to find new knowledge:

Google claims to have used a large language model (LLM) similar to ChatGPT to discover new knowledge in mathematics. The LLM, called FunSearch, can generate creative solutions to open problems in the form of computer code.

It also works with an evaluator that can check the validity and accuracy of the solutions. Google says this is the first time that an LLM has made a new discovery for a difficult scientific or mathematical problem.

The example they give is the cap set problem, a question about the properties of certain sets of numbers. Google hopes that FunSearch can inspire further insights and discoveries in science and math.

AI digital twinning tech set to transform oil exploration:

The oil exploration AI and digital twinning technology can help the oil and gas industry improve efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Oil exploration AI uses artificial intelligence to analyze data and find potential oil and gas reservoirs.

Digital twinning creates a virtual copy of a physical asset, such as a plant or a pipeline, and allows for remote monitoring and optimization.

100 Advanced ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing Mastery:

1.1 Generate a detailed customer persona for a luxury travel agency targeting millennials with a passion for adventure.

1.2 Craft a narrative that resonates with a tech-savvy, environmentally conscious audience for a sustainable tech product.

1.3 Describe the pain points and aspirations of a young professional seeking career growth for a career coaching service.

2. Crafting Compelling Headlines

2.1 Create an attention-grabbing headline for a new fitness app that promotes home workouts for busy professionals.

2.2 Devise a headline that sparks curiosity for a blog post about the future of AI in the fashion industry.

2.3 Generate a headline for a webinar on cryptocurrency trends that highlights the potential for financial growth.

3. Optimizing Ad Copy

3.1 Craft a concise ad copy for a summer fashion sale targeting young adults, emphasizing trends and limited-time offers.

3.2 Write ad copy for a skincare product, focusing on natural ingredients and the promise of radiant, healthy skin.

3.3 Devise ad copy for a productivity app that highlights time-saving features and improved work efficiency.

- AI Tutorial and Training -

How to use Grok Elon Musk's rival to OpenAI's ChatGPT:

Early access to Grok is now available to users who purchased the premium version of X, formerly known as Twitter.

Here's how to use Grok:

1) Subscribe to X Premium+: First, make an X account. Then, click the Grok icon on the left sidebar of your home page, and press the "Subscribe now" button at the bottom.

Proceed to follow the billing instructions. Both the $16-a-month plan and the $168 annual plan give you early access to Grok.

Once billing is complete, you should now be able to access the AI chatbot through your feed.

2) Once you click on the Grok icon, you can choose between one of two versions of the chatbot.

One version is called "Regular Mode," which appears to spit out matter-of-fact responses to queries. The other is "Fun Mode," which will generate responses in a humorous, sarcastic tone.

Not sure what to ask? On both versions, Grok suggests a few prompts, from "Tell me about recent advances in AI and machine learning," to "Roast this user based on their posts, and be vulgar!"

3) Enter your questions in the chat box.

Depending on what you ask, different versions of Grok can generate their own unique responses.

For instance, I asked Grok "What are your AI predictions for 2024?" Both versions spit out similar answers like AI-driven healthcare and automating business operations.

But the "fun" version's response was more conversational: It said that AI will be the "new secret sauce" for successful businesses.

- Top AI tools of the day -

Scade AI: Develop products and services, streamline your business processes, marketing, sales, and finance with AI all effortlessly.

Snapby: Generates super-realistic images instantly by using simple prompts.

TubeOnAI: Summarize and listen to any podcast in 30 seconds with AI.

Outfit Anyone: Try on clothes virtually with AI.

GradesAI: An AI-powered app that forecasts exam questions for students.

Copy AI: Generate content, such as blog headlines, emails, and social media posts using AI.

Jasper: An AI copywriter assistant that can generate any kind of marketing copy.

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