TikTok is in BIG Trouble Over AI!

AND: Google is Rolling Out New AI Feature for Android!

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Welcome back, folks.

TikTok and Universal Music Group (UMG) are in a legal battle over the use of AI-generated music on the platform.

Meanwhile, Google is rolling out its “Circle to Search” feature to Pixel 8 phones today, bringing new ideas about how to gather information on the internet using AI.

Today in the “Incredible AI” world:

  • TikTok is in BIG Trouble Over AI

  • Google is Rolling Out New AI Feature for Android

  • TOP AI TOOLS of the DAY

  • How to Build the BEST AI Team

  • Shopify Launched ‘Magic’ AI Image Editor


  • TOP TECH NEWS of the DAY


TikTok and UMG in a Dispute Over AI-Generated Music:

Background: TikTok has been using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate music for its users, based on their preferences and tastes.

However, this has sparked a legal conflict with Universal Music Group (UMG), the world’s largest music company, which claims that TikTok is infringing on its copyrights.

UMG’s lawsuit: UMG filed a lawsuit against TikTok and its parent company, ByteDance, in a federal court in Los Angeles on January 31, 2024.

UMG alleges that TikTok is using its songs and lyrics to train its AI models, without obtaining proper licenses or paying fair royalties.

TikTok’s defense: TikTok denies any wrongdoing and argues that its AI-generated music is a form of fair use, as it is transformative and does not compete with the original works.

Implications: The lawsuit could have significant implications for the future of music and AI, as it raises questions about the ownership, creativity, and value of AI-generated content.

Google is Rolling Out New AI Feature for Android:

Background: Google has introduced a new feature for Pixel 8 and 8 Pro users called Circle to Search, which allows them to search anything on their phone screen without switching apps.

How it works: To use Circle to Search, users just need to long press the Pixel home button or navigation bar and select images, text, or videos in whatever way comes naturally to them — like circling, highlighting, scribbling, or tapping. They will then get more information from Search, right where they are.

Benefits: Circle to Search is powered by Google’s AI, which helps users find relevant and useful information in a fast and easy way.

Users can also use multisearch, which combines images and text queries, to ask more complex questions about what they see on their screen.

Availability: Circle to Search is launching globally on select premium Android smartphones on January 31, starting with the Pixel 8, the Pixel 8 Pro, and the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series.


Tripo AI: Generate high-quality and ready-to-use 3D models with text or images in seconds.

Spiritme: Turn your PDFs into videos with just a few clicks.

Rex: An AI nutrition and fitness coach.

ReByte: Idea-to-app platform where AI agents do the work.

MaxAI.me: Use 1-Click AI Anywhere- simplifies tasks with quick summaries, AI web searches, email drafting/replies, and more.


Why Should You Care: AE Studio is the key to industry dominance, securing AI talent from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT to streamline operations.

What AE Studio will do for you:

  • Turbocharge your business, save hundreds of hours, and WIN!

  • Have AE build custom your custom software and AI solutions

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AI brews beer and your big ideas

What’s your biggest business challenge? Don’t worry about wording it perfectly or describing it just right. Brain dump your description into AE Studio’s new tool and AI will help you solve that work puzzle.

Describe your challenge in three quick questions. Then AI churns out solutions customized to you.

AE Studio exists to solve business problems. They build great products and create custom software, AI and BCI solutions. And they once brewed beer by training AI to instruct a brewmeister and then to market the result. The beer sold out – true story.

Beyond beer, AE Studio’s data scientists, designers and developers have done even more impressive things working 1:1 with founders and executives. They’re a great match for leaders wanting to incorporate AI and just generally deliver outstanding products built with the latest tools and tech.

If you’re done guessing how to solve work problems or have a crazy idea in your back pocket to test out, ask AI Ideas by AE Studio for free solutions, right now.

Shopify Launched ‘Magic’ AI Image Editor:

Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform, has launched a new AI-powered image editor that can transform any product photo into a professional-looking one.

The image editor is part of Shopify’s Magic suite of generative AI tools that aim to help merchants create and optimize their online stores.

How it works: The image editor uses generative AI to fill in the missing or unwanted parts of an image, such as the background, the lighting, or the shadows.

Merchants can simply select a theme or a color for their image, and the editor will automatically adjust the photo to match their preferences.

Why it matters: Product images are one of the most important factors for attracting and converting customers online.

Many merchants struggle with taking or editing high-quality product photos, especially if they have large or diverse catalogs.

Shopify’s image editor can help them save time and money, and create consistent and appealing product images across their store.


How to access Copilot's GPTs & plugins on mobile:

Microsoft Copilot just got a new mobile update, rolling out the ability for users to access both GPTs and plugins for free in-app on the go.


  1. Open the Copilot app — or download it if you haven’t already via the App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. Access GPTs in the menu bar on the left side of the app — the four currently available are Designer, Vacation Planner, Cooking Assistant, and Fitness Trainer.

  3. Enable plugins by clicking the three-dot options icon at the top right and selecting ‘Plugins’ — you can choose up to three at a time to activate.


Microsoft’s LASER method seems counterintuitive, but it makes models trained on large amounts of data smaller and more accurate.

Tech layoffs scale to three-quarter high.

→ The Raspberry Pi Foundation has rolled out a fresh update for the Raspberry Pi OS Bookworm, and it’s packed with new features.

The White House weighs in on the AI copyright debate for the first time.

Shanghai AI Lab Presents HuixiangDou: A Domain-Specific Knowledge Assistant Powered by Large Language Models (LLM).

TikTok’s CEO can’t catch a break from xenophobia in Congress.

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