The Rise of AI in Dating and Relationships

AND: OpenAI Fires Back at Elon Musk by Publishing His Private Emails!

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Ever felt like your AI assistant just doesn’t get you? Like it’s speaking a different language? Well, Google’s Gemini AI has just learned a new trick, and it’s all about giving you the reins.

 Today in the “Incredible AI” world: 

  • Google Adds New Gemini AI Feature

  • The Rise of AI in Dating and Relationships

  • Best FREE AI Short Course by MIT

  • Best AI Tools of the Day

  • Inflection AI Launches New Model for Pi Chatbot

  • How to Generate Videos from Text with Pika

  • More AI & Tech News

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Google has introduced a new feature for Gemini, its AI-powered chatbot. This feature offers users granular control over the generated responses, allowing modifications to specific text portions.

Things to Know:

  • Feature Overview: Gemini’s new feature allows users to select a part of the response and regenerate it. They can also adjust its length or remove it entirely.

  • Availability: Currently, this feature is only available for the web app version of Gemini. It has not been extended to the app yet, providing a unique functionality to the web app users.

  • User Control: The feature is designed to give users more control over their creative process. Instead of regenerating the entire content, users can now make changes to a small part of the response.

This development signifies a major advancement in AI technology. By offering this new feature, Google’s Gemini is paving the way for a more customizable and user-centric future in AI-powered chatbots.

The world of dating is being transformed by the advent of generative AI. From AI chatbots to AI companions, these technologies are reshaping how people communicate and connect.

Things to Know:

  • AI in Dating Apps: Dating apps like Tinder are leveraging generative AI to help users tailor their profiles and craft perfect messages.

  • AI Chatbots in Dating: A new startup, Volar, offers an AI chatbot version of you, which can interact with another person’s AI chatbot to assess compatibility.

  • AI Companions: Companies like Replika encourage people to treat chatbots as friends, therapists, and even romantic partners, fostering meaningful connections.

  • Mental Health Considerations: While there are tangible mental health benefits to this approach, there are also serious pitfalls that users need to be aware of.

As AI continues to evolve, it’s clear that its impact on dating and relationships is profound.


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Creatify: Creatify is an AI-powered app that generates high-quality marketing videos from a simple product link or text description. It’s the fastest way to create short video ads.

OneCliq: Your personal AI assistant to craft fresh, data-driven videos tailored to your style, backed by solid insight from your audience for content.

Nero AI: AI motion tracking editor for blurring faces, logos, or license plates. Enhance video quality up to 4x and remove noise for clarity.

Opus Clip: Convert your long-talking videos into shorts in one click.

Huudle: Connect all your meetings and messages around the same topic in a single space, track key points, and video message short updates on any progress.

Vidby: Vidby is a service that uses AI to translate and dub videos. It offers four quality options to create fast and accurate translations of audio tracks for videos.

Inflection AI, a Palo Alto-based startup, has launched a new model for its Pi chatbot. The new model, Inflection-2.5, nearly matches OpenAI’s GPT-4, especially in STEM subjects.

Things to Know:

  • The New Model: Inflection-2.5 outperforms the company’s original model, Inflection-1, and now powers the Pi assistant. This assistant is designed to compete with ChatGPT and Gemini.

  • Performance: Inflection-2.5 shows substantial improvements over Inflection-1 and is close to GPT-4. For instance, on the MMLU benchmark, Inflection-2.5 scored 85.5, just behind GPT-4’s 87.3.

  • User Experience: With Inflection-2.5, users can discuss a range of topics, from hobbies to coding, checking answers to a biology paper, or drafting a business plan. The model blends helpful IQ with friendly EQ.

Inflection AI’s latest model, Inflection-2.5, achieved 94% of GPT-4’s performance but took only 40% of compute for training. This marks a significant step in the rapidly evolving AI space.


How to Generate Videos from Text with Pika:

OpenAI’s Sora isn’t ready for you to use just yet. Until then, there are plenty of other text-to-video models you can try out, like Pika.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Sign in to

  • Go to the Pika 1.0 Dashboard and click 'Explore’

  • Write out your video idea in the prompt section in the middle of the screen. Be as descriptive as possible, adding adjectives and specific details

  • Include any previous images or videos, if you have any

  • Choose your preferred aspect ratio and frames per second

  • Play around with motion control to understand how the camera moves in your video

  • Press Enter to generate your video

  • Find your finalized video in the “My Library” section

  • If you’re not happy with the final results, you can press “retry,” “reprompt,” or “edit”


Google experiments with a tool to let developers run AI models on devices like laptops and phones.

Hugging Face is launching an open-source robotics project led by a former Tesla scientist.

Turnitin laid off staff earlier this year after CEO forecast AI would allow it to cut headcount.

NVIDIA explains more about the evolution of AI computing, particularly highlighting NVIDIA’s role with its RTX technologies.

Wix Launches AI-Powered Website Builder That Can Create Websites Using Simple Text Prompts.

OpenAI fires back at Elon Musk by publishing his private emails — and they're revealing.


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