A Cool AI-Powered Gadget just landed on Earth!

AND: CES 2024 - A Glimpse into the Future of AI and Hardware!

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Imagine a device that can do anything you ask it, without needing a phone, a screen, or an app. A device that can learn from you and adapt to your needs. A device that can make your life easier, smarter, and more fun.

That device is the r1, a pocket AI companion that uses a revolutionary Large Action Model to understand and execute natural language commands.

The r1 can handle any task with natural language commands. No need to switch between apps, no need to look at a screen. Just talk to the r1 and let it do the work for you.

Today in the “Incredible AI” world:

  • Rabbit’s R1 Pocket AI: A New Approach to Virtual Assistants

  • CES 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of AI and Hardware

  • Top AI Tools of the Day

  • Alphabet’s Quantum Spin-off Sandbox AQ Acquires Good Chemistry

  • Duolingo cuts 10% of its workers, replaced by AI

  • FREE AI Guide for You

  • HITS of the AI Industry Today

Rabbit’s R1 Pocket AI - A New Approach to Virtual Assistants:

The Rabbit r1, a pocket AI device, is making waves at CES. Its unique design and high-visibility paint job set it apart from other AI-enabled gadgets. The company hopes that users will carry this second device to avoid the hassle of using their phones for simple tasks.

The $200 r1 aims to simplify tasks like ordering a car, looking up places to eat, or finding lodging options. CEO and founder Jesse Lyu emphasizes that they are not trying to replace phones but to provide a more efficient solution for these services.

Unlike Siri or Google Assistant, which use APIs to interact with apps, the r1 uses natural language to understand and execute commands. This approach allows it to work with any app, not just those with official relationships with the assistant.

The r1’s approach could revolutionize how we interact with our devices. By using natural language instead of APIs, it offers a more universal and flexible solution. This could be particularly beneficial for niche apps that are too small to have official deals with larger companies.

CES 2024 - A Glimpse into the Future of AI and Hardware:

CES 2024 has kicked off with a bang, revealing a plethora of exciting advancements from companies like Nvidia, LG, and Samsung. Among the highlights is Kodiak Robotics’ autonomous trucking solution, which is poised to revolutionize commercial driverless operations.

In a bid to combat deepfakes, Fox has teamed up with Polygon Labs to develop an open-source protocol for media companies to register their content. This innovative approach aims to protect intellectual property and ensure content authenticity.

Indian startup Ultrahuman is venturing into the smart home sector with a ‘home health’ tracker. Slated for release in July, this connected hardware aims to monitor the health of your home.

Other notable announcements include Pivotal’s personal aircraft sales, Will.i.am’s new startup that mixes music as you drive, and Sony’s focus on creators and content authenticity. These developments underscore the rapid pace of innovation in the tech industry.

- Top AI Tools of the Day -

TextBlaze: Eliminate repetitive typing and mistakes. Easy-to-use templates with endless customizability and powerful automation. All with full control at your fingertips.

Glean: AI-powered work assistant that connects and understands all your enterprise knowledge to bring you the answers you need.

FacelessVideo: Faceless Video serves as your content creation team, working 24/7 to create and post videos for you daily.

Align AI: Helps product teams easily analyze conversational data generated from AI-powered apps.

FormsApp: AI-powered Online form builder that completes your workflows. Create forms, collect form submissions, and automate workflows with powerful integrations.

Alphabet’s Quantum Spin-off Sandbox AQ Acquires Good Chemistry:

Sandbox AQ, an AI and quantum firm spun out of Alphabet in 2022, has acquired Good Chemistry. The Vancouver-based startup, founded by Arman Zaribafiyan in 2021, offers cloud-based tools to accelerate material design.

Good Chemistry’s platform allows chemistry developers to build chemical simulation apps and workflows using quantum chemistry, machine learning, and quantum computing. This acquisition will expand Sandbox’s global presence and add proven technologies to its portfolio.

The acquisition also includes major customers like Dow Chemical. All of Good Chemistry’s backers have joined Sandbox AQ’s investor base. The software and partnerships of Good Chemistry will enable Sandbox AQ to accelerate the benefits of advanced simulation and AI tools to more customers.

With the addition of Good Chemistry, Sandbox AQ gains 25 computational and quantum chemists, AI and software engineers, and quantum computing scientists. The integration of Good Chemistry’s software, Qemist Cloud and Tangelo, into Sandbox AQ’s enterprise software portfolio is also part of the acquisition.

Duolingo Embraces AI, Reduces Contractor Workforce:

Duolingo, a popular language learning platform, has reduced its contractor workforce by 10% as it begins to utilize AI models like OpenAI’s GPT-4. This move is aimed at streamlining content production and translations.

The application of ChatGPT and other large language models could potentially impact a wide range of job roles, particularly those involving language-based tasks. The World Economic Forum predicts that AI will transform 23% of jobs in the next five years.

Duolingo uses GPT-4 to power experiences for its premium subscription tier, including AI-generated feedback and a chatbot to help users practice conversations. The company also has its own proprietary AI model that personalizes lesson content.

Despite the benefits of AI, the job cuts have sparked concerns among contractors and Duolingo users. Contractors, who already face job insecurity, are particularly affected, fueling fears that AI will replace human workers.

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- HITS of the AI Industry Today -

Amazon’s Alexa gets new generative AI-powered experiences. Amazon has made many AI-related enhancements to Alexa in recent months, including a new generative AI model to give the virtual assistant a more opinionated personality.

Microsoft today announced that it has worked with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to use its Azure Quantum Elements service to whittle down millions of potential new battery materials to only a few.

X promises peer-to-peer payments, AI advances in 2024. In Musk’s vision, X users will be able to send money to others on the platform and extract those funds to authenticated bank accounts.

Fox partners with Polygon Labs to tackle deepfake distrust. As deepfakes proliferate, their ability to mislead and sow distrust is becoming of major concern to security experts

Luma raises $43M to build AI that crafts 3D models. Luma today announced that it’ll begin leveraging a compute cluster of ~3,000 Nvidia A100 GPUs to train new AI models.

The European Union is checking whether Microsoft’s investment in generative AI giant OpenAI is reviewable under the bloc’s merger regulations

Samsung’s new smart home features include household maps with ‘AI characters.’

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