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Just when you thought AI couldn’t get any cooler, OpenAI pulls a rabbit out of its high-tech hat. Meet SORA, the AI that’s making video producers question their career choices.

 Today in the “Incredible AI” world: 

  • OpenAI Introduces text-to-video AI Model

  • Stability AI Unveiled New AI Model

  • FREE Security Guide for Software Business

  • Best AI Tools of the Day

  • Apple Introduced a New AI Animator

  • Microsoft Announces Build 2024 Event

  • More AI & Tech News

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OpenAI Introduces text-to-video AI Model:

OpenAI’s latest innovation, Sora, is a groundbreaking AI tool that converts text into video. This revolutionary technology is set to transform content creation across various domains.

The Details:

  • Introduction of Sora: OpenAI’s Sora is a cutting-edge AI tool transforms text into video. It’s a game-changer for content creators, offering a new way to present information.

  • Sora’s Capabilities: Sora can generate professional-looking videos from any length of text. It includes stock footage, background music, text overlays, subtitles, and transitions, making content more engaging.

  • Potential Applications: Sora’s potential applications are vast. It can be used for creating training modules, explainer videos, educational content, or summarizing marketing content like social media posts or blog articles.

OpenAI’s Sora is a significant leap forward in AI technology. Its ability to convert text into video opens up new possibilities for content creation, making it a valuable tool for creators across various fields.

Stability AI Unveiled New AI Model:

Stability AI has unveiled Stable Cascade, a revolutionary text-to-image model. This model sets new benchmarks in quality, flexibility, and efficiency, aiming to eliminate hardware barriers.

The Details:

  • Innovation in AI: Stable Cascade is a research preview, a new text-to-image model that builds on the Würstchen architecture. It is released under a non-commercial license that permits non-commercial use only.

  • Ease of Use: Stable Cascade is exceptionally easy to train and fine-tune on consumer hardware thanks to its three-stage approach. In addition to providing checkpoints and inference scripts, Stability AI is releasing scripts for fine-tuning, ControlNet, and LoRA training.

  • Technical Details: Stable Cascade uses a three-stage approach for a hierarchical compression of images, achieving remarkable outputs. This architecture allows for a highly compressed latent space.

The new model, Stable Cascade, is currently open to researchers on GitHub, but commercial use has not yet begun. This development could inspire companies like Google and Apple in their own visual generative AI models.


Shift Left: How to Turn Security into Review

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ClientZen: Analyzes feedback and offers actionable insights using an AI-powered feedback analysis tool.

Zupyak: Do SEO research and create high-ranking content with AI, without using expensive agencies and contractors. Used by 400,000+ professionals.

AI Assistant: Save time on research, document management, and content generation using an AI-powered assistant that remembers your preferences and uses that knowledge to assist you.

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Sixty AI: Runs in the background of your devices, managing all your incoming messages, invites, and alerts and only interrupting you when it’s really important.

Apple Introduced a New AI Animator:

Apple’s research team has announced a new AI tool called Keyframer, which uses large-scale language models to animate still images.

The Details:

  • Functionality: Keyframer uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 as a base model and SVG file format images uploaded by users to generate CSS code.

  • User Interaction: Users can create animations from still images by following three steps: upload an image, enter a text prompt, and click generate.

  • Editing Capabilities: Keyframer allows users to adjust properties such as the color code used in the animation and the length of the animation.

While Keyframer is currently focused on web-based animation production, it represents a significant step forward in the field of generative AI.

Microsoft Announces Build 2024 Event:

Microsoft has revealed the date and time for its annual developer conference, Build 2024. The event will take place online from May 21 to May 23 and will feature keynotes, sessions, and workshops on the latest technologies and innovations from the company.

The Details:

What to expect: Microsoft is expected to showcase its progress and vision for Windows 11, Azure, Microsoft 365, Edge, Teams, Power Platform, and more.

The event will also highlight the company’s efforts to empower developers with tools and platforms that enable them to create and deploy applications across devices and cloud environments.

How to register: Registration for Build 2024 is free and open to all developers. Interested participants can sign up on the official website starting from April 15.

Registered attendees will be able to access the live and on-demand sessions, as well as interact with speakers and experts through Q&A and chat features.

Why it matters: Build is one of the most important events for Microsoft and its developer community.

It provides an opportunity for the company to showcase its latest innovations and roadmap, as well as to gather feedback and insights from developers.

The event also helps developers to learn new skills, discover new opportunities, and network with peers and mentors.

Microsoft’s Build 2024 event promises to be an exciting and informative experience for developers of all levels and backgrounds.


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