Minions Make AI Mischief!

PLUS: AI to Reach $1 Trillion Market by 2030!

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Welcome back, folks.

If you think AI is the ultimate creative force, think again. The Minions are here to challenge the machine with their own artistic flair.

In the latest Super Bowl ad for Despicable Me 4, the yellow troublemakers show us how they can turn AI-generated images into hilarious masterpieces.

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Today in the “Incredible AI” world:

  • Minions Use AI to Create Art

  • AI to Reach $1 Trillion Market by 2030

  • AI for Data Safety

  • TOP AI TOOLS of the DAY

  • Former Apple Exec Unveiled AI-Powered Glasses

  • How to Build GPTs with Better Memory



Minions Use AI to Create Art:

The popular animated characters, the Minions, are back with a new movie and a new trailer. The trailer, which aired during the Super Bowl, shows the Minions using artificial intelligence to generate artwork.

The Details:

  • AI Art: The trailer begins with a narrator, voiced by Jon Hamm, explaining that the Minions are using AI to create art. He says that AI can produce realistic images of anything, from animals to landscapes.

  • Minion Mischief: However, the Minions are not satisfied with the AI’s output. They decide to tweak the settings and add their own flair to the images. The result is a series of hilarious and absurd artworks, such as a banana-shaped Eiffel Tower and a unicorn with a Minion horn.

  • Despicable Me 4: The trailer is a preview for the upcoming movie, Despicable Me 4, which will be released on July 3. The movie will feature Gru, the former supervillain turned agent, and his Minion companions. The trailer promises an exciting and funny adventure for the fans of the franchise.

The Minions have shown their creativity and humor in the new trailer for Despicable Me 4. The trailer also showcases the potential and the pitfalls of AI-generated art.

AI to Make Semiconductors a $1 Trillion Market by 2030:

The semiconductor market is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2030, thanks to the growing demand for artificial intelligence chips. AI is one of the key drivers of innovation and growth in the semiconductor industry.

The Details:

AI chips for servers: Nvidia is the leader in making AI chips for servers, but it faces competition from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). AMD recently launched its Instinct MI300 GPUs, which are claimed to be the fastest accelerators for generative AI.

AI chips for PCs: AMD is also optimistic about the AI PC market, which is expected to grow in the coming years. AMD president Victor Peng said that the company has a good lead in AI PCs. AI PCs can enable features such as voice and facial recognition, natural language processing, and computer vision.

AI chips for other devices: AI is not only limited to servers and PCs, but also extends to other devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, and smart home products. Broadcom is a major supplier of wireless chips for these devices, and it is investing in AI capabilities to enhance its products.

Investors can benefit from the booming AI chip market by investing in the leading players such as Nvidia, AMD, and Broadcom. These stocks have delivered impressive returns in the past year, and they are likely to continue their momentum in the future.


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Former Apple Exec Unveiled AI-Powered Glasses:

A new product in the market of augmented reality (AR) glasses is Frame, developed by Brilliant Labs, a startup founded by a former Apple employee. Frame promises to give the wearer “AI superpowers” through its always-online voice assistant, Noa.

Key Facts:

  • What Frame can do: Frame can perform various tasks using its AI models, such as translating signs, searching the web, analyzing meals, and projecting images. Frame uses conversational web search powered by Perplexity AI, text-to-image model Stable Diffusion by Stability AI, GPT4 by OpenAI, and speech recognition by Whisper.

  • How Frame looks and costs: Frame is designed to be lightweight, weighing about 40 grams, and fit most people. It can be ordered with prescription lenses. Frame will retail for $349 and can be pre-ordered on Brilliant Labs’ website, with shipping to begin in April.

  • How Frame compares to others: Frame will compete with other wearable devices powered by AI technology, such as Humane’s AI Pin and Rabbit’s R1. Frame is the second AR device by Brilliant Labs, following Monocle, an open-source single-lens AR device.

Frame is an exciting addition to the AR glasses market, offering a range of AI capabilities that can enhance the user’s experience. Frame is expected to appeal to consumers who are looking for a smart and affordable AR device that can give them “AI superpowers”.


How to Build GPTs with Better Memory:

Loading up your GPT with knowledge files may seem logical, but it can tank performance by flooding the context window.

Follow these best practices below to improve your bot’s memory.

Recommendations to improve GPT performance:

  1. Instead of inserting documents for knowledge files, use .md (you can save files in this format by renaming them in a code editor).

    • This workaround keeps information out of the context window, giving the GPT more available memory.

  2. Only fetch files when needed with Code Interpreter.

  3. Do not use all 20 files if possible — but if unavoidable, keep them small (.md format helps this).

  4. Only include actionable docs with working system prompts for the AI.


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