Midjourney Video Generator Announced!

AND: A Leap into AI-Powered Self-Diagnosis!

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Welcome back to the “Incredible AI.”

Midjourney has announced the upcoming release of their text-to-video generator. The AI model training will commence in January, with the tool’s introduction expected in a few months.

In the meantime, OpenAI has announced the formation of a new Collective Alignment team. This team of researchers and engineers aims to incorporate public input into the behavior of OpenAI’s future AI models.

Today in the “Incredible AI” world:

  • Midjourney Video Generator Announced

  • AI-Powered Self-Diagnosis: A New Era in Healthcare

  • TOP AI TOOLS of the DAY

  • OpenAI Crowdsourcing AI Governance


  • HITS of the AI Industry Today

Midjourney’s Leap into Video Generation:

The Big Announcement: Midjourney, an independent research lab, has announced the upcoming release of their text-to-video generator. This isn’t their first rodeo, as they’ve already gained success with their AI image generator.

Why It Matters: Midjourney’s AI creates images from text prompts, similar to DALLE-3 and Adobe Firefly. Their tool is loved for its language understanding and photorealistic results. Now, they’re stepping up their game with video previsualizations.

What’s Next: Midjourney’s team frequently rolls out updates. Their latest, Midjourney V6, shows promise for creating even more realistic images. With this pace, we might soon see Midjourney leading the video generation market.

Midjourney may not always be the pioneer, but they sure know how to make an entrance. Their upcoming video generator could be a game-changer in the AI industry. So, buckle up, AI enthusiasts! It’s going to be an exciting ride.

AI-Powered Self-Diagnosis - A New Era in Healthcare:

ChatGPT is revolutionizing self-diagnosis by providing personalized symptom-checking. It scrapes the internet for information and organizes it based on user queries, all in a conversational tone.

ChatGPT’s ability to quickly synthesize information and personalize results surpasses the precedent set by “Dr. Google,” the term used to describe people looking up their symptoms online.

However, there are risks associated with using AI tools like ChatGPT for health-related matters. One major limitation is the chance that the information it presents is made up, which could have dangerous consequences if taken as medical advice without consulting a doctor.

Despite these risks, Dr. Karim Hanna, chief of family medicine at Tampa General Hospital, believes there’s no contest between the power of ChatGPT and Google search when it comes to diagnostic power.

- TOP AI TOOLS of the DAY -

OctoML: Production-grade GenAI solutions running on the most efficient computer, empowering builders to launch powerful AI apps.

Notion AI: Your notes, on steroids. Access the limitless power of AI, right inside Notion.

LogoFast: Create stunning logos in just a few clicks with AI.

AI Employe: Open-source GPT-powered browser automation.

Doclime: Import any PDF and get answers instantly using AI.

OpenAI’s New Initiative - Crowdsourcing AI Governance:

OpenAI’s Collective Alignment Team: OpenAI is forming a new Collective Alignment team. This team will work on incorporating public input into OpenAI’s AI models. It’s like a democratic process for AI behavior.

Public Program and Grants: OpenAI launched a public program to fund experiments in AI governance. The grant recipients worked on various projects, from video chat interfaces to crowdsourced audits of AI models.

OpenAI’s Commercial Interests: Despite criticisms, OpenAI maintains that its grant program and Collective Alignment team are separate from its commercial interests. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but OpenAI insists on its openness.

Regulatory Scrutiny: OpenAI is under scrutiny from policymakers and faces a probe in the U.K. over its relationship with Microsoft. It’s trying to limit regulatory risks and prevent misuse of its technology.


How to create a ChatGPT hotkey on Macs:

You may have seen the news that Microsoft is adding an AI key to their latest PC keyboards. But in the meantime, here is how to set up your own hotkey on Macs to quickly access ChatGPT with a quick shortcut.


  • Open Automator from your finder. Click the dropdown under type and select ‘Quick Action.’ Change the ‘Workflow receives’ section to ‘no input’ in ‘any application.’

  • Drag and drop ‘Run AppleScript’ into the window on the right, and replace the placeholder script with the one below:

  • Tell the application "Google Chrome" if it is not running then activate delay 1 end if open location "https://chat.openai.com/" end tell

  • Save the service (name it something like ChatGPT Open). Navigate to the Apple logo → System Settings → Privacy and Security → Accessibility.

  • Click on the + sign, and add Automator, Script Editor, and System Events.

  • Navigate to System Settings → Keyboard → Keyboard Shortcuts and click Services. Open the dropdown for General and select the shortcut name you saved the original file as. Double-click on the right side and choose the hotkey you’d like to use (ex: Shift+Option+Command+G).

  • Open Google Chrome and go to chat.openai.com. Hold the command and press D to save a bookmark on the page. Now test your hotkey from step 4, which should open ChatGPT with a simple key function on your keyboard!

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- HITS of the AI Industry Today -

→ Singapore’s Locofy launches its one-click design-to-code tool.

Microsoft launches a Pro plan for Copilot.

Elon’s Tesla robot is sort of ‘ok’ at folding laundry in a pre-scripted demo.

CrewAI: An Artificial Intelligence Framework for Orchestrating Role-Playing, Autonomous AI Agents.

Samsung is announcing new phones this week, and they’re going to be the most AI phones that have ever AI’ed.

Google Assistant with Bard might get a rebrand before its release.

Continue: An Open-Source Autopilot for VS Code and JetBrains.

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