AI Integration: A Comedy of Errors!

AND: Midjourney to debut AI video this month!

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Welcome back to the “Incredible AI.”

Midjourney is one of the first AI companies that took text-to-image tech to a whole new level.

In the meantime, so many other companies joined the game of text-to-video generation. And Midjourney is yet to join this game!

And finally, they have decided to join the party.

The update comes following Midjourney's recent v6 update, boasting improved prompt following and more realistic images.

Today in the “Incredible AI” world:

  • Midjourney to debut AI video this month

  • Why do Businesses Falter With AI Integration?

  • Top AI Tools of the Day

  • Google Bard leak reveals a ton of new features

  • How To Make Money In 2024 Using ChatGPT’s GPT Store

  • FREE AI Guide for You

  • HITS of the AI Industry Today

Midjourney to debut AI video this month:

AI generation company Midjourney will be able to generate videos by the end of this month, according to new reports.

According to Decrypt, Midjourney will begin 'training' its video model in January 2024, with its “text to video” model set to be released in a few months.

The move is not a complete surprise, as a number of AI platforms have already launched AI video capabilities.

Stable Diffusion, for example, is working on an AI video generator, Meta just showcased its EMU video generator, and Adobe has introduced generative AI to video with its Premiere Pro and After Effects software.

AI Integration- A Comedy of Errors:

The AI Hype: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is like the new kid on the block that everyone wants to befriend, but few truly understand. Businesses are rushing to implement AI, hoping it will be the magic wand that solves all their problems.

The Reality Check: However, the road to AI integration is often bumpy. It’s like expecting a toddler to run before it can walk. Businesses falter with integration due to unrealistic expectations, lack of understanding, and inadequate preparation.

The Silver Lining: Despite the initial hiccups, the potential benefits of AI are undeniable. It’s like the plot twist in a movie where the underdog eventually triumphs. With the right approach, businesses can harness the power of AI to drive growth and innovation.

The Final Act: In conclusion, AI integration is a journey filled with challenges and opportunities. It’s like a roller coaster ride that’s scary yet thrilling. The key to success lies in understanding the technology and implementing it strategically.

- Top AI Tools of the Day -

McAnswers: Simplify your coding journey by getting refined responses, a comprehensive prompt library, and a library of synthesizing errors.

DryRun Security: An automated buddy that adds security context as you go, so you can write code quickly without having to be a security expert.

Pictory: Generate more leads and boost sales by turning any content into highly shareable videos using AI.

Brewed: Using AI, it brings your web ideas to life, whether it's a single component or a whole website.

Bland Turbo: The world’s fastest conversational AI. Turbo delivers sub-second responses, consistently, matching human speed and quality.

Google Bard leak reveals a ton of new features:

Bard’s Big Reveal: Google’s Bard, an experimental AI chatbot, is getting a major upgrade. The new “Bard Advanced” version is tied to a Google One subscription and promises a ton of new features.

Bard vs. ChatGPT: Bard is Google’s answer to ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing AI. While it started as a text-only chatbot, Bard is now learning to code, serve as a research tool, and even generate images.

The Power of PaLM 2: Bard initially started with the LaMDA large language model (LLM), but it’s now been upgraded to PaLM 2. This gives Bard a significant performance boost and aligns it with the rest of Google’s AI tech.

Bard’s Future: Bard is very much a work-in-progress, but it’s already doing things that Google Search can’t, like writing stories, compiling to-do lists, and even offering travel advice. It’s exciting to see what Bard will learn next!

- AI Tips, and Tutorials -

How To Make Money In 2024 Using ChatGPT’s GPT Store:

With the new ChatGPT store, it will allow creators to create, monetize, and share their customized GPT creations with the world, much like an app marketplace. Think of it like the App Store for Apple, or Google Play Store for Google apps, only this one will be the AI store for GPTs.

To build your own GPT, follow these eight simple steps:

  1. Open your OpenAI account.

  2. Once logged in, head over to the GPT Builder on the platform.

  3. Think first about everyday problems that you'd like to see solved in your own life, or at work. Chances are, others in your position have those same problems too!

  4. To customize your GPT, ensure you make it user-friendly by following on-screen guidance, giving it a suitable name, photo, and description, natural language prompts to define the actions you'd like it to make, and perhaps most importantly, using high-quality, unique, and reliable data sources from which it can feed relevant information.

  5. Keep learning and tweaking as you go along until it gives you the desired output.

  6. "Verify your Builder profile (settings>builder profile>enable your name or a verified website).

  7. "Publish your GPT as 'Public' (GPT's with 'Anyone with a link' selected will not be shown in the store)."

OpenAI has not yet provided specific guidelines as to how much passive income a developer can expect to make as profit once the store is launched, or what percentage OpenAI will take as a cut from profits.

However, this endeavor is certainly worth the attempt, particularly as this provides an enormous opportunity for non-tech professionals to expand their creativity and prompting skills, which can be particularly useful for career progression and considerations for pay raises in this new year.

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- HITS of the AI Industry Today -

Bard Pro: Google’s AI Assistant Goes Premium, But Will Users Pay Up?

→ How Businesses Can Monetize AI? About 35% of businesses report using AI in some capacity, according to IBM. And recently, most AI usage has been in the form of Generative AI.

Microsoft has launched an initiative that aims to skill 100,000 developers in India in the latest AI technologies and tools.

→ Viral Lists Reveal Artists Whose Work May Have Trained an A.I. Art Generator.

Volkswagen says it’s putting ChatGPT in its cars for ‘enriching conversations.’ Get ready for some very spurious navigation directions.

→ New Google tool lets budding generative AI scientists practice their prompting.

McAfee unveils AI-powered tool to combat deepfake audio scams.

→ Three ways to use ChatGPT to enhance students’ critical thinking in the classroom.

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