AI in a Legal Tangle: The Copyright Conundrum!

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Innovations in AI are raising new questions about how copyright law principles such as authorship, infringement, and fair use will apply to content created or used by AI.

Generative AI programs, which can generate new images, texts, and other content, are particularly in focus.

These programs are trained by exposing them to large quantities of existing works such as writings, photos, paintings, and other artworks.

Today in the “Incredible AI” world:

  • How copyright law could threaten the AI industry in 2024

  • BlipCut Introduces AI Video Translator

  • HOT Tools of the Day

  • Top 5 Prompts by Neil Patel for Marketers Using ChatGPT & Bard

  • AI Tutorial and Training

  • FREE AI Guide for You

  • HITS of the AI Industry Today

How copyright law could threaten the AI industry in 2024:

AI and Copyright- A Legal Puzzle: AI’s rapid evolution is stirring up legal debates. The question of whether AI-generated content can be copyrighted is a hot topic.

Generative AI- The New Picasso: Generative AI, like Open AI’s DALL-E, creates new content. But can a machine be an author? The jury’s still out.

The Human Touch in AI: The U.S. Copyright Office insists on human authorship for copyright. So, if AI is the new Picasso, who owns the masterpiece?

The Verdict: A recent lawsuit upheld the human-authorship requirement. It seems AI will have to wait a bit longer for its copyright moment.

BlipCut Introduces AI Video Translator:

Say Hello to BlipCut’s AI Video Translator: BlipCut introduces a new AI tool, the AI Video Translator. It’s like having a multilingual film crew at your fingertips.

No More Lost in Translation: This tool can translate videos into over 35 languages. Now, your cat videos can meow in Mandarin.

More than Just Translation: Besides translating, it also offers voice cloning. So, your voice can speak any language, even if you can’t.

A Big Hit Among Users: Users are raving about it. One YouTuber even credits it for their global fanbase. Now, that’s what we call a standing ovation!

- Top AI Tools of the Day -

Faceless Video: Create Faceless videos in one click for TikTok or YouTube shorts.

Hocoos: Create business-ready websites in seconds, filled with AI-generated content, captivating design elements, and eye-catching images.

Laterbase: AI-driven bookmark management and chat.

Strut AI: Quickly capture projects, notes, drafts, and more in collaborative workspaces powered by AI.

Script It: The no-code platform that lets you easily build complex AI workflows for your business.

Top 5 Prompts by Neil Patel for Marketers Using ChatGPT & Bard:

Prompt #1: Please write a blog post about [insert the topic here] and use stats and data throughout the article while citing your sources as well as write the introduction in a storytelling format.

By having ChatGPT add storytelling in your introductory paragraph you will be able to keep the reader more engaged.

Prompt #2: Please share interesting stats about [insert the topic here] that very few people are talking about. Please cite your sources.

This prompt gives me ideas for social content, blog posts, and podcast episodes.

Prompt #3: What topics does [insert competitor URL] discuss the most frequently?

This is one of the easiest ways to figure out what your competitors talk about.

It will give you specific ideas of what to blog about.

Prompt #4: What are the most popular social posts about [insert the topic] based on likes and shares?

A great prompt to find out what kind of social content you can try posting.

Prompt #5: What are the most popular blog posts on [competitor URL]?

You typically will get 3 results.

It’s a great way to find evergreen topics to blog on that keep producing organic search traffic.

- AI Tutorial and Training -

How to animate images from your phone:

Step - 1: Download Remix AI for free on iOS or Android.

Step - 2: Click the ‘+' button, click ‘From image', and upload an image.

Step - 3: Set the image weight to the highest, type a simple prompt (we used “man running“), and hit generate.

Step - 4: Press “Loop“ and wait a few seconds for the animated image!

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- HITS of the AI Industry Today -

Microsoft, Palo Alto, and other security leaders make 2024 AI security predictions.

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The AI image generator MidJourney will begin training its video model in the upcoming days and they expect to release a final product "in a few months."

Midjourney 6 vs Midjourney 5 photorealistic and cinematic imagery comparison.

Hour One's Hyper-Realistic Avatars: Reshaping the Future of Learning & Development.

AI tool tracks mutations to predict the next COVID variant wave. An AI model can predict which SARS-CoV-2 variants are likely to cause new waves of infection.

As 2024 gets underway, the Google Bard team has put out an open call for the new features and changes you want to see in 2024.

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