Google Chrome Got New AI Feature!

AND: Google is Screwed with Gemini's Image Generation Feature!

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Welcome back, folks.

Google Chrome brought a new AI feature. This new AI can finish your sentences for you.

But Google is in big trouble with its Image Generation feature in Gemini!

 Today in the “Incredible AI” world: 

  • Chrome Introduces ‘Help Me Write’ Feature

  • Google Paused Image Generation in Gemini

  • How to Minimize Third-Party Risk

  • Best AI Tools of the Day

  • Google & Reddit Partner Up for AI Training

  • The US DOJ Hires First Chief AI Officer

  • More AI & Tech News

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Google Chrome has launched a new feature, ‘Help Me Write’, powered by Gemini AI. This tool is designed to assist users in generating text and refining existing content.

Things to Know:

  • Feature Overview: The ‘Help Me Write’ feature is an extension of the existing Gmail feature, now available across the web. It uses Gemini AI to generate text or refine existing text.

  • Usage: To use this feature, users need to enable ‘Experimental AI’ in Chrome settings, and then right-click on a text field. This feature can help you write more descriptive sentences or even full paragraphs from a short prompt.

  • Availability: Currently, this feature is available in English for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. It is available for US-based Chrome users, providing suggestions for completing online reviews, forms, messages, and more.

This innovative tool is a significant step towards integrating AI into our daily digital interactions. It enhances our writing capabilities and makes communication more efficient.

Google has temporarily halted the image generation feature of its Gemini AI chatbot. This decision follows a backlash over the creation of historically inaccurate images.

Things to Know:

  • Controversy: Gemini was criticized for generating diverse images that were not historically or factually accurate. For instance, it created images of black Vikings, female popes, and Native Americans among the Founding Fathers.

  • Response: Google announced it would pause Gemini’s image generation of people and work on improvements. The company is addressing issues with Gemini’s image generation feature and plans to re-release an improved version soon.

  • Implications: This incident raises questions about bias and representation in AI systems. In the name of anti-bias, actual bias is being built into the systems.

  • Technical Aspect: The problem may come down to Google’s “training process” for the “large-language model” that powers Gemini’s image tool.

The pause in Gemini’s image generation feature underscores the ongoing challenges in AI development, particularly in ensuring historical accuracy and avoiding bias. It serves as a reminder of the need for continuous scrutiny and improvement in AI systems.


eBook: How to minimize third-party risk with vendor management

A robust vendor management program isn’t just required by compliance frameworks like SOC 2 and ISO 27001. It’s also a critical part of a holistic trust management strategy.

Implementing a vendor management program, however, has become more complex and challenging with the proliferation of SaaS tools and shadow IT. And many overstretched security teams are being asked to do more with less.

To stay compliant and secure — and deepen trust with customers and partners — security teams need a way to proactively manage vendor risk.

This guide from Vanta, the leading trust management platform, brings together perspectives from the frontlines of vendor security management. Get insights and best practices from security and compliance leaders. 


Altern: A website to find tools, products, resources, and more related to AI.

Ayraa AI: Your personal search engine and knowledge assistant at work. Connects with Slack and your web browser to instantly capture and organize everything you do at work.

GrowEasy: Kickstart a lead generation campaign on Facebook and Instagram in less than 5 minutes using AI.

MeetGeek: Automagically record videos, transcribe, summarize, and share insights from every meeting to any tool.

Interview Jarvis: Practice 200+ interview questions and get answers tailored to your resume.

Smartly: Achieve better marketing campaign performance and business results with a single workflow using AI.


Google has a deal with Reddit to use its user-generated content for training its AI models. The deal gives Google access to millions of posts, comments, and images from Reddit.

Things to Know:

  • Why Reddit: Reddit has a rich and varied collection of data that covers a wide range of topics, opinions, and styles. Google can use this data to improve its AI capabilities.

  • How does it work: Google uses a service called Reddit Programmatic Pipeline (RPP) to access Reddit’s data. RPP allows Google to filter and select the data that matches its needs and preferences.

  • The implications: The deal raises some ethical and privacy concerns, as Reddit users may not be aware or consent that their content is being used by Google for its AI purposes.

Google and Reddit have a new AI training deal that gives Google access to Reddit’s vast and diverse content. The deal aims to improve Google’s AI and Reddit’s revenue and reach.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has appointed its first chief AI officer to oversee the ethical and responsible use of AI by the department. This is part of the Biden administration’s plan to boost AI adoption across the federal government.

Things to Know:

  • Role: The chief AI officer will set the DOJ’s AI strategy, including the design, development, and deployment of AI tools. The officer will also ensure that the DOJ’s use of AI follows the rule of law, civil rights, and public safety.

  • Guidance: The appointment comes after the Office of Management and Budget issued new guidance on how federal agencies should implement the AI executive order that President Biden signed in November 2023. The guidance covers agency leadership, AI adoption, and AI risk management.

  • Challenges: The DOJ faces unique challenges and opportunities in using AI to advance its mission. AI can help the DOJ improve its efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency in delivering justice and protecting the public.

The DOJ’s new chief AI officer will help the DOJ leverage the benefits of AI while mitigating its risks. The DOJ’s vision is to use AI to enhance its service to the American people and uphold the values of democracy.


The next generation of Stability AI’s flagship AI image generation model will use a diffusion transformer framework similar to OpenAI’s Sora.

X (fka Twitter) has another AI porn problem.

Hundreds of AI luminaries sign letters calling for anti-deepfake legislation.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang unveiling new AI breakthrough at GTC 2024.

A New AI Paper from China Introduces Video-LaVIT: Unified Video-Language Pre-training with Decoupled Visual-Motional Tokenization.

Jasper acquires Stability AI’s Clipdrop to strengthen marketing copilot.


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