Dang: Gen AI is Coming to Google Maps!

AND: Elon Musk in Trash Trouble!

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Welcome back, folks.

Google is trying to make the Maps act like a ‘human!’ I mean with its new feature, users will be able to literally tell the Maps what they want!

Today in the “Incredible AI” world:

  • Google Maps Gets Smarter with Generative AI

  • Bard Generates Photos Now, Finally

  • How to Save Yourself from Online Harassment

  • TOP AI TOOLS of the DAY

  • Meta’s In-House Custom Chips for AI

  • Elon Musk’s Tesla in Trash Trouble

  • TOP TECH NEWS of the DAY


Google Maps Gets Smarter with Generative AI:

Google Maps is one of the most popular and useful apps in the world. But it’s about to get even better with the power of generative AI.

Background: Google has been developing and applying generative AI in various domains for a while.

One of the key technologies behind Google’s generative AI is the large language model (LLM), which is trained on massive amounts of text and learns to predict the next word in a sentence.

Local Guide Search: One of the new features that Google Maps is introducing with generative AI is the Local Guide Search, which allows users to find the best local businesses and services based on their preferences and needs.

Users can simply type or speak a natural language query, such as “a cozy cafe with free wifi and vegan options”, and Google Maps will use LLM to generate a list of relevant and personalized results.

Benefits: The Local Guide Search feature is expected to bring many benefits to both users and businesses.

Users can save time and effort by finding the best places to go without having to browse through multiple websites and apps.

Bard Generates Photos Now, Finally:

Google’s Bard chatbot is adding AI image generation, catching up on a feature that rival ChatGPT Plus has had for months.

Users can now prompt Bard to generate photos using Google’s Imagen 2 text-to-image model.

How does it work: Google Bard uses Google’s Imagen family of models, which are based on the state-of-the-art diffusion technology developed by Google DeepMind.

Imagen models can generate a wide variety of images, such as logos, landscapes, animals, and more.

Why should you use: Google Bard is a fun and easy way to create amazing images. You can use it to design logos, posters, flyers, wallpapers, memes, and more.

You can also use it to explore your artistic side, express your emotions, or just have fun.

How can you access: Google Bard is currently available as an experimental feature in Google Search, Google Slides, and Google Meet.

You can also access it directly in Bard. Google Bard is free to use, but there are some limitations on the number and type of images you can generate.


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Findly AI: A faster way to extract insights from your data. Make data-driven decisions clearer and more accessible with Google Analytics.

OctoML: Production-grade GenAI solutions running on the most efficient computer, empowering builders to launch powerful AI apps.

Collab: Manage projects, plan campaigns, generate to-do lists, and craft blog outlines in record time with AI.

Design Buddy: Preemptive design flaw detector.

LogoFast: Create stunning logos in just a few clicks with AI.

AI Employe: Open-source GPT-powered browser automation.


Meta’s In-House Custom Chips for AI:

Zuckerberg plans to deploy into its data centers this year a new version of a custom chip aimed at supporting its artificial intelligence (AI) push.

Reducing Dependence: This move could help Meta reduce its dependence on the Nvidia chips that dominate the market.

It could control the spiraling costs associated with running AI workloads as it races to launch AI products.

Potential Savings: Successful deployment could potentially save hundreds of millions in annual energy costs and billions in chip purchasing costs.

This is according to Dylan Patel, founder of the silicon research group SemiAnalysis.

AI Applications: The chips, infrastructure, and energy required to run AI applications have become a significant investment for tech companies.

This has to some degree offsetting gains made in the rush of excitement around the technology.


Elon Musk’s Tesla in Trash Trouble:

Tesla is in hot water again, folks! This time, it’s not about autopilot or rocket ships, but something more down-to-earth: waste management!

The Lawsuit Lowdown: Tesla’s been slapped with a lawsuit for allegedly mishandling hazardous waste. Not the kind of ‘green’ we associate with Elon, right?

Waste Woes: The lawsuit claims Tesla disposed of hazardous waste at unpermitted sites. Talk about taking out the trash!

Penalty Potential: With potential penalties of up to $70,000 per violation per day, this could be one expensive garbage bill.

Past Problems: This isn’t Tesla’s first rodeo with waste issues. They’ve previously settled with the EPA for similar violations.

Remember, folks, even in the world of AI and electric cars, it’s important to take out the trash properly!


Antitrust enforcers admit they’re in a race to understand how to tackle AI.

Chip race: Microsoft, Meta, Google, and Nvidia battle it out for AI chip supremacy.

Apple releases visionOS 1.0.2 for the Vision Pro.

Google releases GenAI tools for music creation.

TikTok users losing access to Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish songs.

Google Splits Up a Key AI Ethics Watchdog.

Arc is building an AI agent that browses on your behalf.

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