Meta's AI Search is Weird!

AND: First Ever AI-Generated Music Video is Here!

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Anthropic has announced two major updates for Claude: a new Team plan and an iOS app. These updates aim to leverage the power of AI to enhance productivity across various industries.

 Today in the “Incredible AI” world: 

  • How to Localize Your Videos with AI

  • Stay Compliant with AI Practices

  • Claude 3 iOS App is Finally Here

  • Meta’s AI: Innovation or Confusion

  • First Ever AI-Generated Music Video

  • 6 New Super Useful AI Tools

  • More AI & Tech News

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Localizing videos is a crucial step in reaching a global audience. But it can be time-consuming and challenging. That’s where AI comes to the rescue.

Dub AI is an AI-powered platform that allows you to localize your videos in minutes. It dubs your videos effortlessly and expands your audience globally with AI-powered voice cloning and translation.

How it works: Simply upload an audio or video file or enter a YouTube URL, and Dub AI will handle the rest.

Key Features of Dub AI:

  • Seamless translation to 25+ languages

  • Support for up to 10 speakers at once with automatic speaker detection

  • Voice cloning to maintain brand identity across diverse markets

  • Access to translated transcripts, subtitles, and audio source files for custom editing needs

  • High-quality dubbed audio or video creation in just a few clicks

Expand your audience globally with translated and dubbed content using Dub AI.

Try it now for free! No credit card is required.


Free SOC 2 Compliance Checklist from Vanta

Are you building a business? Achieving SOC 2 compliance can help you win bigger deals, enter new markets, and deepen trust with your customers — but it can also cost you real time and money.

Vanta automates up to 90% of the work for SOC 2 (along with other in-demand frameworks like ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR), getting you audit-ready in weeks instead of months and saving you up to 85% of associated costs.

If you want to be in the AI space, secure AI practices are necessary. But most of us have no idea about secure AI practices. And that’s why you need a basic education.


Anthropic, the company behind the Claude 3 AI models, is expanding its offerings with an iOS app and a new paid tier called the Claude Team plan for group access to its AI models.

Things to Know:

  • Mobile App Launch: Anthropic has launched an iOS app for its Claude AI models, allowing users to access the chatbot and upload photos for image analysis directly from their mobile devices. An Android version is expected soon.

  • Claude Team Plan: The new Claude Team plan offers access to Claude models for groups, with a minimum of five people at $30 per seat per month. This plan enables sharing and collaboration on Claude-powered projects within the group.

  • Enhanced Features: Subscribers to the Claude Team plan enjoy increased chat queries, a larger context window for analyzing long documents and maintaining complex conversations, and more administrative controls compared to the existing Claude Pro plan for individuals.

While competitors like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Gemini already have mobile apps, Anthropic's move to offer a dedicated mobile app and a team-based plan aims to cater to the growing demand for AI-powered collaboration and productivity tools.

Meta’s AI has been integrated into Facebook and Instagram’s search bars, marking a significant shift in the user interface. This integration is creating a unique, yet somewhat confusing, user experience.

Things to Know:

  • AI Integration: Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram have taken a bold step by incorporating Meta AI into their mobile apps’ search fields. This integration is a part of Meta’s broader vision to create a more interactive and personalized user experience.

  • Unexpected Interface: The integration has transformed the search bar into an AI chatbot interface. This new interface offers a range of services, many of which are unrelated to Facebook or Instagram, catching users off guard.

  • User Reactions: The new AI prompts in the search bar have been met with mixed reactions. Some users have described them as intrusive and have reported that the apps feel “unusable”. This highlights the challenges of implementing AI in user-centric platforms.

As Meta pushes forward with its AI integration, the impact on user experience remains to be seen. Whether this change will be embraced by users or lead to a shift in social media dynamics is a question that only time can answer.

OpenAI’s video generator, Sora, has released its first music video. The video, set to a mellow electronic song, showcases the capabilities of this AI technology.

Things to Know:

  • Video Details: The music video is a surreal, two-minute, and 19-second visual treat. Set to the tune of “Worldweight” by August Kamp, the video features abstract environments in an extreme 8:3 aspect ratio.

  • Artist’s Reaction: August Kamp, the musician behind the song, expressed a deep connection with the AI-generated video. She described the artwork as a reflection of her "absolute heart and soul".

  • Sora’s Capabilities: OpenAI has not revealed the prompts used to create the video. However, the release provides a glimpse into the much-anticipated AI video generator, expected to launch this year.

This development marks a significant milestone in AI-generated content. As OpenAI’s Sora continues to evolve, we can expect more groundbreaking creations in the near future.


Stockimg: Stockimg utilizes AI to create unique QR codes. Simply input your prompt and content, and Stockimg will generate personalized images incorporating the QR codes.

Framer: Framer is an AI-generated tool that can transform your basic ideas into fully functional web pages within seconds.

Graphy HQ: Graphy HQ is a powerful platform that aids in data analysis, charting, and graphing, enriched with AI-generated insights.

AE Studio: AE Studio is an AI agency group that aims to find the best possible solution between clients and customers that align with their values and goals.

Lebesgue: Lebesgue is a comprehensive tool that provides support by analyzing your data to ensure effective marketing strategies.

AI Suggests: AI Suggests is a virtual content AI assistant that generates ready-to-use content.


Snapchat will soon let you edit your messages after sending them.

AI security bill aims to prevent safety breaches of AI models.

Microsoft’s OpenAI investment was triggered by Google fears, emails reveal.

IBM brings its AI, data, and automation software to AWS Marketplace in 92 countries.

Airbnb releases group booking features as it taps into AI for customer service.

Apple Set for Big Sales Decline as Investors Await Generative AI-Powered iPhone.



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