Apple’s AI-Powered Ad Product is Coming!

AND: Elon Musk’s xAI to Open-Source Grok Chatbot!

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Welcome back, folks.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about an AI-powered ad? Apple seems to think it’s worth a shot!

Meanwhile, Elon Musk Says His AI Startup xAI's Grok Chatbot Will Go Open-Source.

 Today in the “Incredible AI” world: 

  • Apple’s AI-Powered Ad Venture in the App Store

  • Elon Musk’s xAI to Open-Source Grok Chatbot

  • Best Visual-Based Tech Newsletter

  • Best AI Tools of the Day

  • Opera Browser Drops New AI Feature

  • How to Summarize Podcasts with AI

  • More AI & Tech News

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Apple is reportedly testing an AI-powered advertising product within its App Store. This move aims to bolster the company’s advertising business.

Things to Know:

  • AI-Driven Ad Placement: The new product uses artificial intelligence to determine ad placements within the App Store. It’s currently being tested with a select group of advertisers.

  • Comparison with Competitors: This initiative mirrors similar strategies employed by Google’s Performance Max and Meta Platforms’ Advantage+. It could potentially lead to new ad placements across Apple’s ecosystem.

  • Potential Expansion: While it’s unclear if Apple plans to extend this AI-powered ad product beyond the App Store, the company has previously explored advertising opportunities in other areas like Apple Maps, Apple TV+, and Apple Books.

This development signifies Apple’s ongoing efforts to diversify its revenue streams and enhance its Services segment. As AI continues to revolutionize various industries, Apple’s foray into AI-powered advertising could mark a significant shift in its business strategy.

Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence startup, xAI, is set to open-source its ChatGPT challenger, Grok. This move comes shortly after Musk sued OpenAI for shifting from its original mission to a for-profit model.

Things to Know:

  • Musk’s Stand on AI: Musk has consistently warned against the use of technology for profit by large tech companies. He believes in open-sourcing AI models to benefit humanity rather than a single firm’s bottom line.

  • Grok’s Launch and Future: Grok was launched by xAI last year as a "maximum truth-seeking AI". The open sourcing of Grok aligns xAI with firms like Meta and France’s Mistral, which have open-source AI models.

  • Concerns and Controversies: While open-sourcing can speed up innovations, experts warn that open-source AI models could be misused. Musk’s lawsuit against OpenAI has sparked debates about open sourcing in AI.

Musk’s decision to open-source Grok is a significant move in the AI industry. It not only challenges the for-profit model of AI development but also opens up opportunities for public experimentation and innovation.


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Opera One, the AI-powered browser, has launched a new AI Feature Drops programme. This initiative allows beta testers to experience new AI features before they are released to the public.

Things to Know:

  • Programme Overview: The AI Feature Drops programme enables users to access the developer build of the browser and test new features. The company plans to deploy new features bi-weekly.

  • AI Capabilities: Opera One’s AI features are built natively, powered by its own AI engine, Composer AI. The browser also features an inbuilt AI assistant, Aria.

  • User Participation: Users interested in the programme must sign up to become eligible for the updates. These updates will only be available in the developer build of the browser.

This initiative by Opera One represents a significant step in integrating AI into browsing. It not only enhances user experience but also accelerates the deployment of new features.


How to Summarize Podcasts with AI:

There are too many good podcasts out there and there simply isn’t enough time to listen to all of them.

I spent the last week testing out tools that can summarize all the key points from a podcast in a short 5-minute read.

Here’s the best method I’ve found in my tests:

  • Find an AI tool that can transcribe podcasts. I tried a few tools and found Podcastle to hit the sweet spot between pricing and features.

  • You’ll need an audio file of the podcast to upload and generate a transcript. I used PodBean to search and download podcast episodes.

  • I uploaded the podcast episode to Podcastle and generated a transcript, which I saved as a PDF.

  • I uploaded the PDF of the podcast transcript to ChatGPT to generate a detailed summary with the following prompt:

Prompt: I've uploaded the transcript for a podcast episode. Generate a summary of the podcast in the following format:

- Create a separate section for each question.
- For each section, summarize the key points from the answers as bullet points.
- Take your time and do it thoroughly. Be very detailed in your answers and do not skip any key points.

And there you have it! You can also ask ChatGPT to convert the summary into a PDF if you want to download and read it later.


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