Apple to Develop AI That Can ‘See!’

AND: ChatGPT No Longer Requires an Account!

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In the world of tech, Apple is like that kid in class who always has a new trick up their sleeve. This time, they’ve taught their AI to not just see, but also understand what’s on the screen.

 Today in the “Incredible AI” world: 

  • How to Generate PowerPoint Slides with AI

  • Best FREE AI Course to Join Now

  • Apple Researchers Develop AI That Can ‘See’

  • Sam Altman Leaves OpenAI Startup Fund

  • ChatGPT No Longer Requires an Account

  • 6 New Super Useful AI Tools

  • More AI & Tech News

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Creating compelling PowerPoint presentations can be time-consuming and challenging. But fear not!

SlideSpeak AI is here to revolutionize the way you interact with your slides.

With SlideSpeak, you can chat with your presentations, gain new insights, and save valuable time.

Let’s explore how SlideSpeak can transform your PowerPoint experience.

What Is SlideSpeak?

SlideSpeak is an AI-powered chatbot designed specifically for PowerPoint slides. It allows you to:

  • Summarize Slides: Upload your existing PowerPoint files, and SlideSpeak will generate concise summaries.

  • Ask Questions: Interact with your slides by asking questions about their content.

  • Extract Information: Get key insights and action items directly from your presentation.

How It Works?

  • Head over to SlideSpeak AI

  • Upload your existing PowerPoint file (PPTX format)

  • SlideSpeak provides a preview of your slides.

  • Review the content to ensure accuracy.

  • Click the “Generate Presentation” button

  • Sit back and let SlideSpeak work its magic.

Why Use SlideSpeak?

  • Efficiency: Save time by automating slide creation and summarization.

  • Insights: Extract key information effortlessly.

  • Engagement: Create engaging presentations that resonate with your audience.

Don’t let mundane slide creation hold you back. Try SlideSpeak today and elevate your PowerPoint game!


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Apple researchers have developed an AI system, ReALM, that understands ambiguous references to on-screen entities and context.

Things to Know:

  • ReALM’s Innovation: ReALM converts the complex task of reference resolution into a language modeling problem, achieving significant performance gains.

  • Enhancing Voice Assistants: This development is a crucial step towards more natural interactions with voice assistants.

  • Outperforming GPT-4: Fine-tuning language models for reference resolution, ReALM outperforms GPT-4.

This development signals Apple’s continued investment in making Siri and other products more conversant and context-aware.

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, has transferred control of the OpenAI Startup Fund to Ian Hathaway, marking a significant shift in the company’s leadership.

Things to Know:

  • Leadership Transition: Sam Altman has relinquished control of the OpenAI Startup Fund, ending an unusual period of personal ownership.

  • Fund’s Purpose: The fund was launched with the goal of helping AI companies have a profound, positive impact on the world.

  • Investment Portfolio: The fund has backed at least 13 companies across 17 deals, including legal tech startup Harvey and AI-powered medical scribe Ambience Healthcare.

  • New Leadership: Ian Hathaway, who has been managing the fund since its launch, has now taken control.

This leadership transition marks a new chapter for OpenAI and its Startup Fund, providing further clarity and resolving the unusual corporate venture structure.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is now accessible to everyone, even without an account. But, there’s a catch to this new update.

Things to Know:

  • Account-Free Access: ChatGPT is now accessible without an account, making it more user-friendly.

  • Limited Features: Non-account users won’t be able to save or share chats or use custom instructions.

  • Opt-Out Option: Users can opt out of their chats being used for training.

  • More Restrictive Policies: The non-account version of ChatGPT will have slightly more restrictive content policies.

This update is a significant step in making AI more accessible. However, it’s important to be aware of the limitations.


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Hailo takes on Nvidia with energy-efficient gen AI accelerator for edge devices and $120M in funding.

Yahoo is buying Artifact, the AI news app from the Instagram co-founders.

Nicki Minaj, Billie Eilish, Katy Perry and other musicians sign letter against irresponsible AI.

US and UK Announce Partnership on AI Safety and Testing.

ChatGPT fights Mistral AI in Street Fighter 3.

Meta's secret plan to 'clone' Snapchat revealed in court documents!


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