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Apple to ‘Break New Ground’ in Generative AI!

More AI news from Adobe, OpenAI, and Pika Labs!

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Welcome back, folks.

Just when we thought Apple was done surprising us, they’ve decided to take a bite out of the AI world.

CEO Tim Cook just made the announcement on the upcoming AI developments by Apple.

 Today in the “Incredible AI” world: 

  • Apple’s Leap into Generative AI

  • Pika Introduces Lip Sync Feature

  • Save Time with AI While Browsing

  • Best AI Tools of the Day

  • Adobe Reveals a GenAI Tool for Music

  • OpenAI Trademarks GPT-6 and GPT-7

  • More AI & Tech News

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Apple is set to make significant strides in generative AI this year, according to CEO Tim Cook. This revelation was made during Apple’s annual shareholders meeting.

Things to Know:

  • Generative AI Announcement: Tim Cook has hinted at Apple’s plans to break new ground in the field of generative AI. This marks Cook’s second major AI announcement this month.

  • Shareholders Meeting: During the shareholders meeting, a proposal for a report on AI and ethics was rejected as anticipated. This has sparked curiosity about Apple’s future AI endeavors.

  • iOS 18 and AI: Speculations are rife that the upcoming iOS 18 will focus on AI features. This has been frequently reported by Mark Gurman at Bloomberg.

As investors keep a positive outlook on the stock, the focus shifts from the canned Apple Car project to AI. The tech community eagerly awaits more details on iOS 18’s AI features in the coming months.

Pika, a competitor in the AI video generation market, has announced a new feature called Lip Sync. This feature, powered by ElevenLabs, allows users to add spoken dialog to their videos.

Things to Know:

  • New Feature Announcement: Pika has introduced a new feature called Lip Sync for its paying subscribers.

  • Collaboration with ElevenLabs: The Lip Sync feature is powered by ElevenLabs, a generative audio startup.

  • Feature Capabilities: The Lip Sync feature supports both text-to-audio and uploaded audio tracks.

  • Availability: The feature is currently available in “early access” to Pika Pro users and members of Pika’s “Super Collaborators” program.

The introduction of the Lip Sync feature by Pika marks a significant advancement in the AI video generation market. This feature not only enhances the quality of AI-generated videos but also makes the process more user-friendly.


MaxAI.me -Maximize Efficiency with AI-Powered Browsing

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Sybill AI: Analyze your sales conversations at a deal level to autofill your CRM in real-time and generate precise call summaries alongside follow-up emails.

Monica: An all-in-one AI assistant to help you chat, search, write, translate, and more. It also offers tools for image, video, and PDF processing.

Heygen: Effortlessly produce studio-quality videos with AI-generated avatars and voices.

Neulink: Plan, automate, and manage your social media and save your time to focus on your business while your social media runs itself.

Dextra: An AI-powered sales assistant to help you streamline your client communications and sales processes.

Genie: Harness the power of AI to analyze, summarize, and visualize data without all the complex SQL requirements.


Adobe has unveiled a new tool, Project Music GenAI Control, at the Hot Pod Summit. This GenAI-powered platform generates audio from text descriptions or a reference melody, offering users a unique spin on music creation and editing.

Things to Know:

  • GenAI and Music Creation: Adobe’s Project Music GenAI Control allows users to generate audio from text descriptions like “happy dance” or “sad jazz”. It also lets users customize the results within the same workflow.

  • Collaboration and Development: The tool is being developed in collaboration with researchers at the University of California and Carnegie Mellon.

  • Ethical and Legal Concerns: GenAI tools, including those for music, are raising ethical and legal concerns. Adobe is working on watermarking technology to help identify audio produced by Project Music GenAI Control.

Adobe’s GenAI tool for music, Project Music GenAI Control, represents a significant advancement in the field of AI-powered music creation. It not only generates music but also provides various forms of control, enabling users to bring their musical ideas to life.

OpenAI Trademarks GPT-6 and GPT-7:

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has recently registered trademarks for its upcoming AI models, GPT-6 and GPT-7.

Things to Know:

  • Trademark Registration: OpenAI has made headlines by registering trademarks for GPT-6 and GPT-7. This move indicates OpenAI’s strategic steps to protect and promote these innovations.

  • Potential Applications: These AI models are expected to bring significant advancements in machine learning and natural language processing. They could be central to the AI market, with potential uses in customer support and content generation.

  • Use of Synthetic Data: A key factor in the development of these AI models is the use of synthetic data. This type of data mimics real-world information, allowing AI to learn and improve without privacy concerns.

  • Legal Challenges: With the rapid advancement of AI technologies come legal challenges. These cases highlight the complex issues surrounding intellectual property and ethics in the realm of AI.

OpenAI’s move to trademark GPT-6 and GPT-7 signifies its commitment to advancing AI technology. It also underscores the importance of addressing the legal and ethical implications of these advancements.


WordPress says VIP customer data won’t be shared with AI firms without consent. Users of the popular blogging and web publishing platform WordPress reacted with alarm to a report recently.

The historically inaccurate images and text generated by Google’s Gemini AI have “offended our users and shown bias,” CEO Sundar Pichai told employees in an internal memo.

Morph Studio lets you make films using Stability AI-generated clips! Want to weave various Stability AI-generated video clips into a movie? Now there’s a tool for that.

Swedish fintech Klarna says its AI assistant is doing the work of 700 people after putting the brakes on hiring!

Meta plans to launch a new AI language model Llama 3 in July.

Apple is canceling its electric car effort, a decade-long project in which it had invested billions.


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