Apple Hints Exciting AI Announcements Soon!

AND: Elon to Replace News Articles with AI!

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has signaled that the tech giant may unveil its generative AI plans sooner than anticipated, emphasizing a focus on privacy and on-device processing.

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  • Boost Your LinkedIn Presence with AI

  • Best AI-Powered Browser Extension

  • Apple Hints Exciting AI Announcements

  • X to Replace News Articles with AI

  • Google’s Medical AI is Here

  • 6 New Super Useful AI Tools

  • More AI & Tech News

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Building a strong presence on LinkedIn is crucial for professional success these days. But managing your LinkedIn profile can be time-consuming. That's where AI comes in.

Taplio is an AI-powered tool designed to help you grow your personal brand and network on LinkedIn.

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5. Track Your Progress and Analyze Results: Taplio provides insightful analytics to measure your LinkedIn performance.

  • Gain valuable insights into what content resonates with your audience.

  • Track key metrics such as followers, engagement, and reach.

Key Features of Taplio:

  • AI-powered content creation with post ideas and templates

  • Smart scheduling to optimize post visibility

  • Lead generation with access to a vast LinkedIn user database

  • Advanced filtering for targeted outreach

  • In-depth analytics to track your LinkedIn performance

  • Free Chrome extension to boost your LinkedIn productivity

Stop wasting time managing your LinkedIn profile manually. Taplio can streamline your workflow and help you achieve your LinkedIn goals faster.

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Best features:

  • Chat with the latest AI like GPT-4, Claude 3, and Gemini 1.5, all in one place.

  • Perfect your writing anywhere with 1-click AI without copy-pasting.

  • Save 90% of your reading & watching time with AI summaries.

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  • Rapidly turn your visions into stunning images with AI art generators.


Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has hinted at forthcoming announcements related to generative AI, stirring anticipation in the tech world.

Things to Know:

  • Apple’s AI Investments and Advantages: Cook highlighted the company’s significant investments in generative AI. He also emphasized Apple’s strategic advantage due to its innovation with processors and neural engines.

  • AI’s Role in Apple’s Ecosystem: Apple’s AI advancements are expected to enhance the user experience across its ecosystem. This includes improvements in Siri, Face ID, and other AI-driven features.

  • AI Features and Privacy: Cook mentioned Apple’s unwavering focus on privacy, suggesting that the upcoming AI features will likely be powered on-device.

The tech community is abuzz with speculation about Apple’s AI announcements. The potential advancements could redefine the landscape of AI applications in consumer electronics.

X (formerly Twitter) is now utilizing Elon Musk's AI chatbot Grok to summarize trending stories on the app's Explore section. The feature aims to provide users with a quick overview of popular topics.

Things to Know:

  • Grok Summarizes Trends: X's Premium subscribers can now read AI-generated summaries of posts related to trending stories on the For You tab in Explore. The summaries offer insights into popular conversations happening on the platform.

  • How It Works: Grok analyzes posts discussing a trending topic and generates a concise summary. For example, a summary on AI burnout mentions rushed rollouts due to industry competition and lack of safeguards.

  • AI-Powered News: Musk plans to use Grok to provide AI-powered news summaries on X, focusing on the conversations around news rather than the articles themselves.

Grok's integration is a step towards AI-powered news on X. While it raises questions about misinformation, it also presents a novel approach to summarizing trending topics for premium users.

Google’s latest innovation, Med-Gemini, is set to transform the medical field by enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of diagnostics, leveraging advanced AI to support healthcare professionals.

Things to Know:

  • Innovative Design: Med-Gemini is based on Google’s Gemini model, refined for medical use. It processes complex medical data, aiding accurate diagnoses.

  • Enhanced Capabilities: This AI surpasses previous models in data analysis. Its self-training improves diagnostic precision, benefiting healthcare professionals.

  • Knowledge Integration: Med-Gemini updates its knowledge with the latest medical research. This ensures healthcare providers have current information for patient care.

The introduction of Med-Gemini by Google marks a significant leap forward in medical technology, offering unprecedented support to doctors and healthcare staff through enhanced diagnostic accuracy.


Ocoya: Ocoya is an AI social media manager that supports creating and scheduling content. Ocoya assists in one’s social media, content marketing, and copywriting which operates manually and automatically.

eCold AI: eCold AI creates personalized generated lines in seconds, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Mixo: With Mixo, you can launch a startup in seconds using AI. Mixo is an AI website builder that helps entrepreneurs launch, validate, and grow their startup ideas in seconds.

Looka: Looka is a tool that helps you design a logo and build a brand you love using AI.

Brainfish: Brainfish is a knowledge-based platform that provides customers with quick and relevant answers to their questions.

Talently AI: An AI interviewer that conducts live, conversational interviews and gives real-time evaluations to effortlessly identify top performers.


YouTube Premium members can now test AI-powered ‘Jump Ahead.’

Microsoft needs some time to ‘refine’ updates for Copilot AI in Windows.

Google bans advertisers from promoting deepfake porn services.

The teens making friends with AI chatbots.

Microsoft says it did a lot for responsible AI in its inaugural transparency report.

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