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Google’s AlphaFold AI is folding proteins like a grandmaster in a high-stakes origami championship. This AI system from Google’s DeepMind is not just folding for fun, it’s unraveling the mysteries of life itself.

 Today in the “Incredible AI” world: 

  • Create Stunning Presentations with AI

  • How to Succeed in the AI Space

  • AI to Unveil Life’s Blueprint

  • OpenAI’s Pitch Got Leaked

  • TikTok’s Labels for AI Content

  • 6 New Super Useful AI Tools

  • More AI & Tech News

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Google’s DeepMind has made a significant breakthrough in the field of molecular biology. Their AI model, AlphaFold, is now capable of predicting molecular structures with remarkable accuracy.

Things to Know:

  • The Protein-Folding Problem: Proteins, the building blocks of life, have unique 3D shapes that determine their functions. However, determining these structures has been a costly and time-consuming challenge.

  • AlphaFold’s Solution: AlphaFold, developed by DeepMind, can predict protein shapes instantly and accurately. It was trained on 100,000 known proteins and recognized by CASP for solving the protein-folding problem.

  • Beyond Proteins: In 2024, AlphaFold 3 was introduced, expanding its prediction capabilities to DNA, RNA, and small molecules, including many drugs.

AlphaFold’s advancements are accelerating research in biology, potentially unlocking new treatments for diseases and insights into life itself. This advancement could potentially revolutionize numerous areas of research and practical applications.

OpenAI is courting premium publishers for partnerships. The initiative is called the Preferred Publishers Program.

Things to Know:

  • Program Overview: OpenAI’s Preferred Publisher Program offers licensing deals to media companies. It aims to help users discover and engage with publishers’ brands and content.

  • Partnerships and Deals: OpenAI has public partnerships with Axel Springer, The Financial Times, Le Monde, Prisa, and Dotdash Meredith. However, the specifics of these deals remain undisclosed.

  • Program Benefits: Members of the program receive priority placement and richer brand expression in chat conversations. Their content also benefits from more prominent link treatments.

The Preferred Publisher Program marks a significant shift in AI’s role in media. It’s a step towards more collaborative and beneficial AI-media relationships.

TikTok has officially launched new labels for AI-generated content, enhancing transparency and responsible content creation.

Things to Know:

  • AI-Enhanced Creativity: TikTok supports creators using AI to enhance their creativity, promoting transparent and responsible content creation practices.

  • In-Stream Labels: After testing with selected users, TikTok has launched in-stream labels for AI-generated content, providing an extra level of transparency.

  • AI-Generated Tag: TikTok has updated its rules and is now enforcing a dedicated tag for AI-generated content that creators can activate within the upload flow.

This move by TikTok is a significant step towards addressing the potential confusion or misinformation spread by AI-generated content.


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Apple slammed by users over iPad Pro ‘Crush’ ad.

The New York Times spent $1 million so far in its OpenAI lawsuit.

Microsoft Creates Top Secret Generative AI Service for US Spies.

OpenAI offers a peek behind the curtain of its AI’s secret instructions.

Google Chrome Could Add New AI Features to Assist With Webpage Reading and Search.

The new ChatGPT web search service will compete directly with Google.



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