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AI to attack 2024 US Election! What's the solution?

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Welcome, my fellow AI geeks.

The text-to-image generation AI tech just got a massive leap as MidJourney released v6.

Also, the US election is coming and everyone is scared about what AI might do to the election with the possibility of deep fakes and voice cloning!

Today in the “Incredible AI” world:

  • MidJourney released v6

  • Google restricting election-related responses on AI products

  • How do Millionaires Use ChatGPT

  • 5 ChatGPT Prompts To Unlock World-Class Communication Skills

  • How to Use ChatGPT to Set Transformative Goals for 2024

  • Tools of the Day

MidJourney released v6:

• MidJourney has announced a new version of its AI model, called V6, which promises to bring more realism, detail, and consistency to the generated images. However, the release date has been delayed due to some quality issues.

• In the meantime, Midjourney has also added some new features to its current version, V5, such as a less opinionated version, an aesthetic personalization system, and an image upscaling technology. These features aim to give users more control and flexibility over their creations.

• Midjourney is also working on a 3D model creation feature, which will allow users to generate realistic 3D objects from text or images. However, this feature is also facing some challenges due to a lack of 3D data.

Google restricting election-related responses on AI products:

• Google is restricting the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to generate responses for the 2024 US presidential election. Google says it wants to prevent the spread of misinformation and manipulation by AI systems.

• Google claims that AI can be used to create fake news, deepfakes, and other forms of deceptive content that could influence voters’ opinions and behavior. Google says it will only allow AI to provide factual information, such as dates, locations, and candidates’ names.

• However, some critics argue that Google is limiting the potential of AI to enhance democracy and civic engagement. They say that AI can also be used to create positive and creative content, such as poems, songs, and jokes, that could inspire voters and make politics more fun.

How do Millionaires Use ChatGPT:

• Use ChatGPT to do your research better than anyone else. ChatGPT can simplify and summarize complex information for you, such as earnings reports, macroeconomic data, and interest rates. This can help you evaluate more investment opportunities and make better-informed decisions.

• Use ChatGPT to get actionable investment ideas. ChatGPT can analyze markets based on your investing style and criteria and provide you with a list of stocks that may fit. This can help you uncover promising opportunities you may have otherwise missed.

• Use ChatGPT to learn from the best. ChatGPT can emulate the style and tone of any famous investor or financial expert you admire. You can ask ChatGPT questions and get advice from your virtual mentor. This can help you improve your financial literacy and confidence.

5 ChatGPT Prompts To Unlock World-Class Communication Skills:

Communication is a vital skill for any entrepreneur, but it’s not always easy to master. That’s why Jodie Cook, a Forbes contributor and founder of Coachvox AI, suggests using ChatGPT, a powerful natural language generation tool, to improve your communication abilities.

In her article, Cook shares five ChatGPT prompts that can help you:

→ Share your story: Use ChatGPT to craft a compelling narrative about yourself, your business, or your product. This will help you connect with your audience and showcase your value proposition.

→ Engage effectively: Use ChatGPT to generate engaging questions and comments that spark meaningful conversations with your prospects, customers, or partners. This will help you build rapport and trust, and uncover their needs and pain points.

→ Make people care: Use ChatGPT to create emotional hooks that capture your audience’s attention and interest. This will help you persuade them to take action, whether it’s buying your product, signing up for your service, or joining your cause.

→ Handle objections: Use ChatGPT to anticipate and address common objections that your audience might have. This will help you overcome their resistance and move them closer to a positive outcome.

→ Follow up: Use ChatGPT to craft effective follow-up messages that keep the communication going and reinforce your value proposition. This will help you nurture your relationships and increase your chances of success.

- AI Tutorial and Training -

How to Use ChatGPT to Set Transformative Goals for 2024:

Step 1: Just ask

There are all sorts of businesses out there that want to sell you the keys to "prompt engineering," and there are some that are helpful. But most of us just need to ask what we want to know.

Step 2: Tell ChatGPT about yourself

This is what I told ChatGPT:

"I want to set professional goals for myself in 2024. Here is a little bit about me.

"I am a solopreneur who focuses on improving HR. I have three main methods of doing this. I write about HR and employment law for multiple clients. I present webinars that largely focus on U.S. compliance and using AI in HR. And third, I give keynote addresses. I have a large social media presence, with 44,000 followers on LinkedIn and 32,000 on Facebook, with 12,000 newsletter subscribers. Can you give me five goals that will help me increase my revenue for the upcoming year?"

Step 3: Ask follow-up questions

Remember, using ChatGPT is like talking to a human. So, to get better, more specific answers, just ask an additional question.

Step 4: Repeat until you have the information you need

You can go through this process easily for whatever goals you want to set -- for yourself, your business, or your employees. Don't be afraid to just talk to ChatGPT. It can help you see areas you wouldn't necessarily see for yourself.

- Top AI tools of the day -

Krisp AI: Communicate with increased clarity and confidence in every call with AI-powered noise cancellation, transcription, and meeting notes.

AI Clips: Transform extensive videos into engaging viral clips with AI assistance.

Snoooz AI: Send personalized out-of-office responses and automatically loop in backups on urgent conversations, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Creatify AI: Turn a product URL into a video ad instantly.

DeepFiction: An AI platform for creating and sharing stories.

Simple Analytics: Get insights about your business by chatting with your analytics in real-time using AI.

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