AI Stunned the Super Bowl Audience!

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Welcome back, folks.

Just when you thought the Super Bowl couldn’t get any more electrifying, Microsoft throws a Hail Mary with an AI twist. It’s like Tom Brady meets Alan Turing, a play of the game that’s got everyone buzzing.

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Today in the “Incredible AI” world:

  • Microsoft’s AI Copilot Shines in Super Bowl Ad

  • LinkedIn Rolls Out New AI Features

  • How to Use AI for Privacy

  • TOP AI TOOLS of the DAY

  • Elon Musk Funds AI to Decipher Ancient Scrolls

  • Apple to Bring Foldable iPhone



Microsoft’s AI Copilot Shines in Super Bowl Ad:

Microsoft’s AI Copilot was prominently featured in a Super Bowl ad, effectively showcasing the tech giant’s significant advancements in artificial intelligence and its practical applications in real-world scenarios.

The Details:

  • The Super Bowl Debut: Microsoft’s AI Copilot made its debut in a Super Bowl ad. This marks a strategic move by Microsoft to highlight its commitment to AI technology and its potential to transform lives.

  • Impact on Viewers: The ad left a profound impact on viewers, effectively demonstrating the potential of AI in everyday life. It showcased how AI can be leveraged to solve complex problems and improve efficiency.

  • Future of AI: The ad provides a glimpse into the future of AI, with Microsoft leading the way in innovation and practical application. It underscores Microsoft’s vision of integrating AI into everyday life, making technology more accessible and beneficial for all.

This Super Bowl ad marks a significant milestone for Microsoft’s AI Copilot. By bringing the power and potential of AI to a global audience, it signifies the dawn of a new era in technology.

LinkedIn Rolls Out New AI Features:

LinkedIn has introduced some new features aimed at encouraging users to interact more frequently with their network. With recent job market fluctuations, LinkedIn anticipates being at the center of job-related activities.

The Key Features are:

  • The “Grow” Tab: The “Grow” tab utilizes AI algorithms to help users manage connections and find new relevant contacts. It provides personalized suggestions through the “People You May Know” feature.

  • The “Catch Up” Tab: The “Catch Up” tab prompts users to reconnect with their network based on updates like job changes, work anniversaries, new hires, or birthdays. This aims to encourage more meaningful interactions between users.

  • AI-Powered Messaging: LinkedIn is also releasing an AI-powered messaging feature that assists premium users in drafting initial messages to other LinkedIn members.

LinkedIn’s new features aim to foster more interaction among users and leverage AI to enhance communication. These updates reflect LinkedIn’s ongoing commitment to improving user experience and engagement.


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Sync Labs: An API for real-time lip-syncing that allows you to visually dub any video with any audio in any language - no training required.

Remix: A place where you can let your imagination run wild. Create, share, and mix AI. Get inspired by what the community has made.

Respeecher: Respeecher creates speech that is indistinguishable from the original speaker, making it an ideal tool for filmmakers, game developers, and content creators.

Wondercraft AI: Wondercraft AI converts existing content into podcasts with ease. Use it for education, business, newsletters, and publishing.

Verbaly: Verbaly is an AI-powered coach that humanizes the learning experience for speech and communication skills.

Deepgram: Deepgram transcribes real-world audio with an API call. Deepgram translates audio to text in over 30+ languages


Elon Musk Funds AI to Decipher Ancient Scrolls:

Elon Musk has pledged financial support to an AI project aimed at digitally unfurling ancient, unreadable scrolls.

The Details:

  • Project Overview: The Vesuvius Challenge, led by former GitHub CEO Nat Friedman, has made significant progress in using AI to read charred scrolls from Herculaneum.

  • Musk’s Contribution: Musk’s charitable arm, the Musk Foundation, will provide funding. The exact amount is yet to be determined.

  • Future Plans: The next stage, costing about $2 million, aims to read entire scrolls. Deciphering all scrolls could cost up to $10 million.

Musk’s support for this project underscores his commitment to “civilizational enlightenment” and the potential of AI in uncovering historical knowledge.

Apple eyes a foldable iPhone following the Vision Pro launch:

Apple is reportedly revisiting the idea of a foldable iPhone, following the launch of its Vision Pro. This development could potentially disrupt the foldable device market, currently dominated by Samsung.

The Details:

  • Development Journey: Apple’s journey towards a foldable iPhone has been challenging, with setbacks around durability and design. Issues around durability and the ever-present crease are said to have caused the company to put the foldable iPhone’s development on ice.

  • Market Impact: A foldable iPhone could significantly alter the market dynamics, currently dominated by Samsung. The root of these efforts could date back to 2018 — a year before Samsung released the Galaxy Fold, the first viable foldable smartphone.

  • Future Prospects: Despite initial hurdles, Apple seems to be back in the foldable iPhone business, indicating a promising future. The Vanity Fair piece alluded to the product in the above profile.

As Apple potentially enters the foldable device market, it could redefine the standards of design and functionality. This development is worth watching for anyone interested in the future of smartphones.


Apple made an AI image tool that lets you make edits by describing them.

Microsoft plans to train 2M Indians in AI, says Nadella.

IBM explores how AI is becoming part of our daily lives.

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Microsoft is rolling out a Copilot tool to internal teams as it tries to get more developers to use AI, a leaked message shows.

Lawyer in hot water after using AI to present made-up information.


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