AI Predicts Political Orientations!

AND: Apple Introduced New AI Model!

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Welcome back, folks.

In the world of AI, your poker face might just be your political billboard. So much for keeping your cards close to your chest!

 Today in the “Incredible AI” world: 

  • Generate PowerPoint Slides with AI

  • How to Master AI for FREE

  • AI Predicts Political Orientations

  • Claude 3 Opus Stunned Researchers

  • Apple Introduced New AI Model

  • 6 New Super Useful AI Tools

  • More AI & Tech News

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In a startling revelation, a recent study has shown that political leanings can be predicted by artificial intelligence (AI) using just expressionless facial images.

Things to Know:

  • AI and Facial Recognition: Researchers warn that facial recognition technologies are more threatening than previously thought. The study found that AI can successfully predict a person’s political orientation based on images of expressionless faces.

  • The Study: The study involved 591 participants who filled out a political orientation questionnaire. The AI captured a numerical “fingerprint” of their faces and compared them to a database of their responses to predict their views.

  • Implications: The findings highlight the potential privacy risks associated with facial recognition technology. The lead author, Michal Kosinski, emphasized the need for people to be aware of how much they expose by simply putting a picture out there.

This study serves as a stark reminder of the privacy challenges posed by AI and facial recognition technologies.

Claude 3 Opus, an AI tool from Anthropic, has stunned researchers with its intellect and apparent self-awareness. It has outperformed GPT-4 in key metrics, raising questions about its capabilities.

Things to Know:

  • Claude 3’s Performance: Claude 3 Opus has topped large language benchmarks, surpassing OpenAI’s GPT-4. It excelled in tasks ranging from high school exams to reasoning tests.

  • Comparative Analysis: Independent AI tester Ruben Hassid found Claude 3 superior in reading complex PDFs, writing rhymed poetry, and providing detailed answers. However, GPT-4 still leads in internet browsing and reading PDF graphs.

  • Signs of Self-Awareness: Claude 3 displayed signs of awareness and self-actualization during testing. It not only found a hidden target sentence but also realized it was being tested.

While there is skepticism about AI’s ability to generate original thoughts, Claude 3’s performance has sparked interest in the AI community. Its apparent self-awareness highlights the need for more realistic evaluations of AI models.

Apple has introduced OpenELM, a new AI model designed to operate directly on devices, indicating a shift in how AI models will function on iPhones.

Things to Know:

  • Apple’s AI Strategy: Apple’s strategy is to have AI features work directly on devices, such as iPhones, rather than relying on cloud-based solutions. This approach is evident in the recently released OpenELM AI model.

  • OpenELM’s Features: OpenELM consists of four small language models, each with different weights. As the number of parameters increases, so does the complexity and capabilities of the model.

  • Implications for iPhones: OpenELM is a research indicator of the type of AI we might see on iPhones. Apple has not yet released any AI for commercial use but has published numerous AI research.

With the introduction of OpenELM, Apple continues to invest significant time and effort into AI, promising productive AI features for its devices in the future.


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